SEND Syllabus

SEND Syllabus 31st July 2024

Petersfield Dance Festival is honoured to be hosting our 3rd year of our SEND Festival (Special Educational needs & Disabilities)

We believe that the joy of dance should be accessible to everyone & every dancer deserves their time to shine on stage doing what they love.

We do our very best to create the most calm relaxing environment for the performers, we only invite family, friends & teachers of those performing so the audience remains smaller. Backstage is kept quieter & as we have less performers there is more space for everyone. We allow parents & or teachers to be side of stage if needed.

All performers receive a rosette, certificate & individual feedback for taking part. We also have medals for those who place, the sections are usually quite small so no-one misses out.

We are more than happy to work with you if you have any additional needs for your dancers in order for them to take part, please do get in contact to discuss this. 

Entry is via our website 

You’ll simply need to create an account, enter via the SEND entry form, after this your music will need to be uploaded. The order of the evening will be published by the end of June, all performers are asked to arrive by 4:30pm latest for a 5pm start. We run the sections back to back & then invite everyone on at the end for the medal presentation. Most years the event lasts approx 1 hour.

We very much look forward to welcoming you, If you have any questions please email Lucy – [email protected]

Petersfield, Hampshire

Please note:

  • Age of Stage Groups, Duets, Trios & Quartets are determined by the age of the oldest competitor. 
  • Competitors Age is taken from the 31st August of the previous year.
  • Pointe work is not allowed for any entrant under 13 years of age
  • We will allow 1 person side of stage per competitor, up to 3 for groups. This must be arranged prior to the day so a list can be made of authorised names allowed backstage. However you’re more than welcome to enjoy as an audience member all backstage helpers are DBS checked & we will have SEND trained person also on hand.
  • Re-dance will be at the adjudicators discretion.
  • Entrants only accepted with dancing teachers permission, by online system- payment must be made at time of entering.
  • Live singing is only allowed in the song & dance class. Pre-recorded singing or chanting is NOT allowed in the song & dance class.
  • Pre-recorded music in the tap class must NOT include any recorded tap or similar sound effect.
  • In all classes please ensure the costume, movement and music is appropriate for the age of the entrant.
  • Song and Dance does not necessarily need to be 50/50 but a good balance and characterisation sound be shown.
  • Please remember Modern, Lyrical & contemporary is NOT an Acro section a maximum of 2 acrobatic movements are permitted in accordance to All England Rules.
  • Classical Section consists of – Ballet, Character, Lyrical, Contemporary, National & Greek
  • Stage Section Modern, Tap, Song & Dance, Acro & Commercial
  • Each style may be entered in the stage or classical section this needs to be CLEARLY described on the entry form. We will then either combine all the ballet all the modern etc or keep as classical & stage depending on number of entries.
  • Please use your own discretion as to whether the SEND festival is suitable for your dancer & please do let us know of anything we can do as a festival to enhance the dancers experience.
  • All performers will receive a feedback & certificate form, plus a participation rosette
  • Medal Places for each section will be awarded & Trophies for each age group will be awarded at the end of the day. All those who have participated are welcome to come.
  • Spectator tickets can be bought on the day & will be sold in Morning, afternoon & evening sections.

Please note:

This entry form is for the Special Educational Needs and Disability Festival