Rules & Information of The Festival 
Any Rules with a * in front of them do not apply to the SEND festival instead please refer to the notes on the SEND syllabus page. 
1. The competition is for amateur and students (who do not attend full-time vocational dance college) or the majority of their income is from teaching or performance of dance. Under 21 years of Age.
2. The age of the competitor is taken as on 31st August of the previous year of the festival.  Duets, Trio’s & Quartets and Groups Class is determined but the oldest competitors age. Petersfield Dance Festival reserves the right to request proof of age if necessary in the case of a dispute.
3. Petersfield Dance Festival reserve the right to return an entry without assigning a reason.
4. All Entries must have permission of the dance teacher to enter, you will tick on the entry form to say this is the case.
5. Petersfield Dance Festival may combine classes when entries are small, divide when large and make other rules and regulations as occasions may arise.
6. The Adjudicator’s decision is final, any communication with the adjudicator concerning any matters of the competition is strictly prohibited.
7. Competitors must enter and dance in the correct category for their age and genre. Competitors are required to dance in the order of the programme.
8. We advise Competitors to arrive around an hour before their class in order to get ready and warm up, however, backstage space is limited so priority will be given to the order of performance. Competitors must report to stage official 30 minutes before the start of their class and be ready in the wings before their number is announced, anyone absent runs the risk of disqualification. If we are running early we will also go ahead with the class up to 30 mins early, unless we are informed otherwise that a performer is running late, this will be displayed at the front desk.
9. Competitors may not perform more than once in solo classes of their age group, or twice in duets (with the same partner). Trio/Quartet can perform up to 2 of different styles with the same trio/quartet dancers. Younger competitors may perform out of their age group in each Stage Group or Duet Class.
10. Groups are 5-25 Dancers
11. In all classes please ensure the costume, movement and music is appropriate for the age of the entrant.
12.Pointe work is not allowed for any entrant under 13 years of age.
13. No food allowed in the auditorium. Drinks may be consumed if in a sealable bottle or hot drinks have a lid
14. This is a non-smoking venue, including e-cigarettes.
15. All lost property must be claimed by 30th September 2024, please email any enquiries.
16. The Petersfield Dance Festival comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.
17. Any inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated, Petersfield Dance Festival reserve the right to disqualify an entry on these grounds and not refund entrance fees.
18. Please ensure all mobile phones are turned off so it doesn’t disturb the performance.
19. Strictly no fees will be refunded under any circumstance – including having to self isolate costs will have already been incurred.
*20. Solo’s –
A novice dancer is a dancer who has NOT received a medalist place 1st 2nd or 3rd & over 84 at this or another British & International  Federation festival. Dancers who have obtained a medal place must dance in the open section for that genre only. (if age appropriate)
This is now also separated but each genre, for example if a competitor has placed in their modern but not their ballet they are  Open for modern but remain Novice ballet.
Duets and Groups are open section and all participants are welcome. 
If you entered as a novice in January but have since placed in a Federation festival gaining 84 marks or over then you will be in the Open section from next year, this will NOT come into play for this festival year. You will remain a novice for the following July Festival & then it will change. It is impossible to do a timetable & constantly change it based upon what happens in between entering & performing. A reminder that anyone is allowed to dance in the Open section Novice is optional when you are entering. Please bare in mind Novice sections are not included in All England qualifiers. 
21. Where appropriate 
Classical – This includes Ballet, Character/Narrative, Contemporary, Greek & National/Global Dance.
Stage– This includes Modern, Tap, Acro & Musical Theatre, Lyrical Jazz & Commercial
22. Please email any complaints to [email protected] These rules are final, but complaints will be carefully considered by the festival organiser.
We have a cafe area available selling snacks, drinks & light lunches.
Petersfield Dance Festival will have use of a card machine, admission, programmes & tuck shop. Petersfield Dance Festival does not accept liability for any loss of possessions or valuables. 
In the event of a fire please make your way swiftly and sensibly out of one of the fire exits and meet in the main carpark.
Performers must be medical fit to perform. Please inform the festival if there are any medical conditions we should be made aware of. If first aid is required please ask one of the organisers. 
Child Protection
23. Photography, film, video or tape recording is prohibited in the performance hall. We have an official photographer, photos can be viewed in the auditorium. Please advise the festival organiser asap if you do not wish any entries to not be photographed. By entry to this competition competitors and their guardians agree to perform before the cameras of the media or any agent of the competition.
24. All staff and volunteers have been DBS checked and will also adhere to The Petersfield Dance Festival Child Protection Policy.
25. The Festival’s Safe Guarding Policy and approach to Creating Safer Festivals for Everyone is published explicitly in our Syllabus, Programme and Website.  By completing and signing the entry form all parents / guardians / carers and teachers of competitors under 18 (or vulnerable adults of any age) confirm that they give (or have obtained) the necessary consents for the competitors to take part in the Festival.  Without consent the entry to the Festival cannot be accepted.
26.  Acknowledgement of reading and complying to safeguarding policies, rules of the festivals must be entered on the entrance form.
27. Petersfield Dance Festival does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights arising out of any competitors accompaniment or performance. Teachers and choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are responsible for seeking the permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned.
28. Music all music must be uploaded via our portal by May 31st. A late fee of £1 per track will be charged, payment will need to be received in order for the performance to go ahead. We simply do not have the admin time to chase music, if it is missing in your portal then we do not have it, this is the responsibility of the person submitting the entries. You can upload music at time of entry or any time until closing date, 6 months is more than sufficient time. Edits of music will not be accepted after June 20th.
29. Time limits for dances must not be exceeded.
30. Please provide the title of the dance for Character, Greek, Global Dance and Group dances only and a short synopsis (Character & Greek Only) for no more than 30 words. This will be announced at the beginning of the number.
31. The sound box is out of bounds.
32. The quality of the sound and recording of the music may be taken into consideration by the adjudicator.
*33. No re-dance unless it is at fault of the music.
34. Live singing is only allowed in the song & dance class. Pre-recorded singing or chanting is NOT allowed in the song & dance class.
35. Pre-recorded music in the tap class must NOT include any recorded tap or similar sound effect.
*36. The stage and wings are completely out of bounds except to an authorised persons and competitors about to perform. Once performed competitors should swiftly leave the stage and only return to the wings 3 numbers before the end of their class. ONE Assistant may be side of stage to accompany children under 8 as we appreciate younger competitors new to the festival world may need some support although due to space side of stage we encourage you to prepare your performers to be unaccompanied side of stage with officials only. You may also be side of stage to help with any props or wardrobe changes which may take place during the number.
Props are bought and stored at the festival at your own risk, Petersfield Dance Festival does not accept liability for any damage of props. Overly large or dangerous props may be asked to be removed from the premises if deemed unsafe by the festival organiser. Please note as per All England  rules performers are to set their own props.
37. The Audience must not enter during a performance or adjudication and at the discretion of the stewards.
38. The Audience is encouraged to show their appreciation of performance through clapping NOT cheering or chanting, we are being strict with the adherence to this rule. We want to include all styles of dance & with the addition of Commercial/Street where chanting & cheering may be accepted in other types of competition for our festival it is NOT, all styles should be celebrated in the same way by clapping only. This is the same for all results sections. Anyone not adhering to this rule will be asked to leave the auditorium.
39. A maximum of 2 teachers tickets will be allocated per school, for the duration of the festival, any for additional teachers must be paid for. These must NOT be passed to audience members who are not teachers.
40. Tickets for spectators for each session can be purchased on the day of performing. Please note these will be colour coded wristbands which will be required to be presented in order to gain entry.
Trophies & Certificates
*41. Trophies are not awarded to each class, they are normally only awarded to a competitor achieving over 84 marks or above with the exception of the Novice award. This is at the sole discretion of the Adjudicator.
42. Trophy winner may have their name inscribed on the trophy at their own expense keeping in style of the trophy.
Medals can be awarded for 1st 2nd & 3rd Place, all competitors will received a certificate of commemoration.
43. Trophies must be returned in good condition no later than the following 30th May.
44. If a trophy is lost or damaged Petersfield Dance Festival reserves the right to charge the recipient for the repair or replacement, failing that the charge will be made to the dance school of entry. This may result in any further trophies not being rewarded the to recipient/school.
45. Adjudicators marks and certificates will be available for collection from Dance schools boxes outside the auditorium, Please check your teacher is happy for you to collect these yourself or if the dance school will collect themselves. This will be up to you to sort with your teacher advance. These will be handed to you please do not go through the box yourself & please allow up to 1 hour for these to be ready for collection.
Changing rooms/backstage plus additional classrooms provided
46.Schools and parents are responsible for leaving the premises, especially the changing rooms, clean and tidy at the end of each day. The festival is charged a penalty per half hour for overstaying our agreed time. Please help us to keep our costs down by leaving promptly at the end of each day. 
Any accidents/spillages must be reported to the organisers to minimise the cost and effort involved in cleaning them up.
47.Changing rooms backstage are provided these are for everyones use to relax and prepare before performing.
Performers will only be allowed backstage 1 hour before their class time (space dependant) please take your belongings with you when you leave, we will no allow reservations of areas. On arrival at the entries door the performer will be ticked off this is your signing in & music drop off performers are allowed ONE adult into the backstage changing area with them. Please ensure you have signed in & listened to you music 30 mins before, we will start a section early & unless we are informed someone is running late then we will go ahead regardless if dancers are missing as we are not always informed of ‘no shows’.
48.The main changing area will be girls only, we have an additional a number of smaller rooms 1 will be a boys only changing room one will be a family room. If at any point these rooms are not being used (e.g. the boys only changing room) it will be used as an additional girls changing room. 
The main rule is that we hope you all have a wonderful experience at Petersfield First Dance Festival. Thankyou to all who have entered plus parents and teachers behind the scenes. A special thanks to all volunteers & helpers too.
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Please note:

This entry form is for the Special Educational Needs and Disability Festival